The team

Aconcagua Expeditions

We provide what you need for a succesfull, secure and pleasant expedition to Aconcagua. We want to accompany you to acheive your project.

Live a safe experience with the comfort and tranquility that you deserve, we take care of eveything for your expedition.

You enjoy!

We provide an integral service taking care of the efficiency of each link in the service chain necessary for the expedition (most are ours). We assure excellency in each service that your Aconcagua expedition includes, from products to services in every detail.

Aconcagua Vision is a unique and commited human team. We love what we do: accompany people on their expeditions to the top of the Aconcagua.


Hi, we are Heli, Mauri and Kari Kobler

Three mountain guides and partners that created Aconcagua Vision.

Mauri and Heli are from Argentina and live in Mendoza. After years working in expeditions to Aconcagua we decided to set up our own company. We started searching for how to start and that is when Kari appeared and Aconcagua Vision was born.

Kari is Swiss and a big lover of Aconcagua and Argentina. And this loved moved him to create this company.

Mountain guides, people who work for Aconcagua Vision and ourselves are a big family. We have as main objective that every person that lives the Aconcagua experience with us as unique and can enjoy 100% in a secure, warm and familiar environment.

Mauricio Capitani
Kari Kolber
Equipo de Aconcagua Visión

Aconcagua Vision is the sinergy of the three people plus a team that magically united and that have all you need to live an unforgettable experience:

Mauri and Heli, besides the years of experience guiding in the mountain, live in Mendoza and this makes them familiar with each detail of the place. Kari has been a mountain guide for more than 35 years and today is one of the main references in expeditions to Himalaya and the rest of the world.

He has made various expeditions to different points of Asia and South America, 6 ascents to Mount Everest (8.850m), K2 (8.611), Broad Peak (8.047m) and Gasherbrum II (8.035m).

If you want us to help you acheive your Aconcagua project write to us.

People Behind Aconcagua Vision



She is the first person of our team that you will meet, since she is in charge of taking reservations and administrative issues. She is very well organized, speaking with her will be pleasing because of her kindness, dedication and commitment. Any doubt or inconvenience she will be pleased to help you find a solution.



He will take you to the mountain. He is in charge of driving the minibus. You will feel safe and enjoy the ride. He is nice, kind, helpful and responsable.



He will assist you in your stay at Penitentes. He will also manage possible evacuations, reserve and assist helicharters and transfer cargo from mules. He is very kind and always willing to help you. “He only sees solutions, not problems”.



She is in carge of camps. She will accompany you on the expedition. She will also delight your with her food since she is executive chef. She manages staff, schedules and logistics perfectly so she will be there for anything you may need. You will have fun and feel safe with her for her contagious joy. She is practical and takes care of details.



He is the person in charge of porters. He is a fully positive person, always with a smile, willing to excel and he will be there when you need help. He will support if you need encouragment or help you if you need assistance. He is characterized for always pushing forward, is responsable and 100% commited.



He is the person there for you when you need someone to listen. He is open and shares different points of view. He is active and an ideal companion for difficult times since he always stays possitive. He finds a solution to every situation that appears.

“Commitment to ecologism, but also to our aversion to unnecessary hierarchy, unconcious consumption and passive focus of life”.

— Ivon Chouinard —

The Founders

Heliana Aconcagua Visión


She takes care of product supply for the entire expedition. Buys personally every product to assure the best possible quality. She also takes care of the logistic control making sure everything is impecable. Each task is made with love and she makes sure everything is delivered in time. Thanks to her nothing is missing in the camp. She oppens the doors of her home to all of those that need it. She has great memory and is very detailed and makes everyone who decides to live the Aconcagua experience with us feel at home. Any problem can be addressed with here since she is flexible, proactive and does everything possible for you to feel comfortable and safe.

Kari Aconcagua Visión


He is in charge of commercial relations and is our star guide, thanks to more than 35 years of experience. He is a reference in the Himalaya and Everest. If you like to learn, you will be in the adequate place, Kari thanks to his experience, has a lot to teach. He is a very charesmatic and sincere person, always trying to dialogue to get to know everyones point of view as well as asking how is everyone in the staff. Always thinking and joyfull. He has an excellent predisposition and focus on enjoying life. You have to live an experience with him... it will be unique.

Mauri Aconcagua Visión


He is in charge with Kari of commercial relations. He also has passion for manual labors, he is the designer and excecutor of the infrastructure in camps, always taking care of every detail for your better comfort. He analyzes each situation and has a way of communicating that will make you easily understand. He solves each inconvenience. He is entreprenuer with his projects and also oppens his heart to people for what they may need. His honesty and tranquility are his characteristics. He has a practical and simple view of things that will make you feel comfortable at every moment. He is always willing to put hands to work.

What moves us?

Enjoy at its maximum each moment lived in the mountain.

Contribute to a better world, respecting and taking care of nature, we look to innovate permanently in order to make our company responsable in its actions to take care of the environment, for example: we minimize the packaging of our products using biodegrable bags, we separate waste at origin, we lower garbage to the basecamps and take them to recyclable facilities en Mendoza. We also contribue by buying quality supplies to local entreprenuers and cooperatives en Mendoza.

Provide the best to those who come and live the Aconcagua Vision experience, we assure quality in each product and service we offer searching for efficiency in each link of the chain.

With respect for each person, practicing actively empathy and trying to produce a possitive impact for nature.

Live by what brings us passion and make our love for the mountain a way of life.

Trust, we are a family company and we share the ideas between each member of the team and with our clients. We are flexible and we know that communication guides us in our growth in order to give you our best.

Our guides

All have there degrees and are certified to work in Aconcagua Province Park.

They count with national certifications (AAGM and EPGAMT), some of them also have international certifications IFMGA-G and WFR certification.
They speak Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese and Italian.

And most importantly they love the mountain as much as you do.

Kari Aconcagua Visión

Kari Kolber

High Mountain Guide IFMGA. Speaks Spanish, Engish, German and French. Made it to the top of Everst in 6 opportunities, 2 K2, 2 Cho Oyu, 2 Shisha Pagma, 1 Maaslu, 1 Dhaulagiri, 2 Broad Peak and 2 Gasherbrum II). Also ascended to the top of Aconcagua in more than 20 opportunities, including the South wall!

Gianni Capano

Gianni Capano

High Mountain Guide IFMGA. Speaks Spanish, Engish, German and Italian. Has made it to the top of Aconcagua more than 40 times. Also made expeditions to Everest, North Col, Lakpa Ri and Fitz Roy.


Ariel Dicarlantonio

High Mountain Guide IFMGA. Speaks Spanish, Engish. Has made it to the top of Aconcagua more than 15 times. Expert free ride skier.

Pablo Gurrieri

High Mountain Guide EPGAMT. Speaks Spanish, Engish and French. Has made it to the top of Aconcagua more than 50 times. Made expeditions in Monte Rosa (Italy).


Popi Spagnuoli

High Mountain Guide EPGAMT. Speaks Spanish, Engish. Ascended to the top of Aconcagua in more than 20 opportunities, and was the first women to make it during winter season.

Pablo Kunts

High Mountain Guide EPGAMT. Speaks Spanish, Engish, Italian, Portugues and French. Made it to the top of Aconcagua more than 30 times. He has experience in volcanos such as Atacama, Off piste skiing and Patagonia volcanos.

People who already lived the Aconcagua Vision expedition

In 2019, 92% of the groups that entered the park with us made it to the Top! From these groups 64% of passengers were able to reach it.

Why us?

Personalized service

We adapt to your needs. We are people working at your service.

We take care of everything

We accompany you from your arrival till the end of the expedition.

Commitment with the environment

We respect and take care of each detail of nature and resources of Aconcagua Province Park


We minimize risks. Our guides will transmit tranquility and you will be able to communicate with them fluently since they speak several languages.

We want you to acheive your goal

We count on experienced guides that know Aconcagua perfectly and are trained and certified which makes it possible to reach the summit. With an adequate acclimatization you will make it!

We are delighted in accomanying you in your Aconcagua experience.

Write to us and we will shortly respond.