Trekking at Mount Aconcagua

Enjoy your experience in one of the most amazing trekkings in Argentina. Security and assistance during the entire route!

This activity is thought for trekking and mountain lovers as well as for people that have good physical condition and want to innovate in these kind of activities.

This is an activity that will help you connect with mountain and nature in a safe and friendly way for you to enjoy 100%.

We will visit the south wall with its glaciers of over 300mtrs and the Aconcagua base camp, Americas highest mountain.

All people can access this type of route, being with a guide will make you feel safe at every moment. The only thing you have to do is connect with nature and enjoy!

Trekking of 3 and 6 days

An All Inclusive expedition, we take care of everything so you can enjoy and connect with the experience.

When you arrive the Mendoza airport a member of our staff will be waiting upon your arrival to drive you to your hotel and start the expedition.

If you are alone or with a small group of 2 or 3 people that want to live the Trekking experience you can join us in one of the dates that you can see underneath.

You can also hire a private Trekking. For example: if you are a mountain guide and you already have a private group or group of friends or family that want to have your own experience you can hire our closed service. We will manage the dates that best suit you.

We invite you to read the details of the expedition.


Plaza Francia (3 days)

Plaza de Mulas (6 days)

El Aconcagua, con sus 6960 m, es la montaña más alta de América Latina y el pico más elevado fuera de Asia. Está situada en la cordillera de los Andes en Argentina. Miles de andinistas concurren cada año a realizar el desafío de conquistar su cumbre.

El Aconcagua te está esperando. Uno de los lugares más emblemáticos de Argentina.

Quiénes somos

Somos dos argentinos, Heli y Mauri, y un suizo, Kari Kobler, tres guías de montaña que nos unimos para crear Aconcagua Visión.

Dedicamos toda nuestra vida a vivir y guiar en la montaña, y ese amor fue lo que nos impulsó a crear este proyecto, y es lo que nos continúa motivando hoy a querer acompañarte a vos en tu expedición al Aconcagua.

Tenemos más de 35 años de experiencia de manera individual, la cual fusionamos para brindarte un servicio integral cuidando la efectividad en cada eslabón de la cadena total de servicios necesarios para la expedición.

Somos Aconcagua Visión, un equipo humano, apasionado y comprometido con lo que más amamos hacer: acompañar a las personas en su expedición al Aconcagua.

Mauri y Heli
Kari Pioneers Route
Equipo Pioneers Route Aconcagua Visión

Why to choose this trekking?

  • You will get to know one of the most emblematic places of Argentina.
  • If you are a lover of trekking you have to visit Aconcagua since it is consiered one of the 5 most amazing trekkings in the country.
  • You will have the possibility of connecting with other people that share the same passion for mountain, nature and travel since we will enjoy meals with other groups and you will be able to share experiences with other passangers.
  • The walk is adapated to the rythm of the group in order for all to acheive their goal.
  • I you practice sports such as running, mountain bike or thriatlon and wish to innovate in mountan acitivitees this is the right expedition for you.

What is included?


From Penitentes to Park Aconcagua and back to Penitentes.

Lodging for all nights

During all the expedition, on each camp a high mountain tent for 2 people.

Food and Beverage for the expedition

On the base camp this includes complete breakfast, lunch and dinner made by our chef and served with reserve wines.
Courtesy Champagne the last night of the expedition.
Mountain guides cook and provide all hot food and water on high camps.

Mules for transporting personal equipment

Mules for transporting personal equipment up to 15kg per person.

Facilities and services at base camp

Dining tents equiped with thermal isolation, wooden floors, 220V electricity and 50Hz for charging multiple devices (camaras, ipods, computers), Free WiFi, chairs, tables. We also provide a comfortable heated living room for reading or resting and a beverage table for enjoying after dinner.

Security material: VHF radio and satelite internet for communications (phone calls available) and high altitude first aid kit.

Showers: Exclusive tent with 2 hot water showers, free for our guests.

High density mattresses for a comfortable and necessary rest.

Movistar antena (at Plaza de Mulas and up to 6.000m) We recommend to buy a Movistar chip in order to send messages and pictures to your family and friends.

We also count with:

  • Assistance for paying and obtaining the Aconcagua Trekking Permit.
  • Certified guides experts in Aconcagua that speak Spanish, English, Italian, German and French. It is very important for this kind of trekking to count with a proffessional guide since many factors: physiological, technical and climatic have to be considered in order to avoid having a bad experience.
  • We count with 220V electricity for you to connect your devices and stay in touch with friends and family as well as catch photo memories.
  • Showers and dormis at the Confluencia intermediate camp.
  • Advice on the materials and equipment you need.
  • Permament assistance during the expedition. We are a company from Mendoza and we have comunnication and contact with several strategic points in case any problem should occur. Our team will support you in every moment.
  • In Mendoza we count with a gear rental. From 9.30 to 16.00hs you will find Grisela for renting whatever you may need as well as receiving advice.

We recommend you, that once you book the expedition you hire these services in advance:

  • Hotel Night at Penitentes.
  • Transfer Mendoza – Penitentes and back Penitentes – Mendoza.

Dates available 2020/2021

We have departures all Friday’s from December to end of February.

We have 2 types of expedition. One lasts 3 days and the other 6 days.

Get in touch with us to see which suits you best.

We count on one certified guide who is enabled for working at Aconcagua Provincial Park for every 5 people.

Guides are specialized on high mountain with national certifiactions (AAGM and EPGAMT) and international certification (IFMGA-GM).

Depending on the language you speak we will assign a guide you can communicate perfectly with.

For your tranuility you can ask us for a conversation in your language with your future guide before assisting to the expedition.


Physical level: low.
Technical level: low.


3 or 6 days.


Starting U$D 300 per person.

If you are alone or with a small group contact us to check availabilty in the requiered dates. The maximum amount of passengers per expedition is 20 people so write us as soon as possible in order to book a date and secure your space.

If you are a guide or an assembled group contact us to coordinate a date.

Those who lived the experience tell us their sensations:

We reply all your quieries

The expedition is all inclusive, this means that it includes all that is related with the expedition. This is all mentioned before: lodging, showers, meals, wifi and all that is neaded in an outdoor mountain experience. The only expenditure you must consider is the transportation from the hotel to the airport when you leave and the first and last dinner in Mendoza.

If for some reason you wish to or need to abandon the expedition we will give you our comprehension and support in all the process for you to get to Mendoza. In what respects to helicopter use, transfers, aditional guides , hotels, mules and others this program doesn`t cover those expenditures. Each person that decides to abandon the expedition will have to pay for these services.

This expedition doesn’t include the permit but we will guide you in order to facilitate you the access to it. You can count on our full support.

Yes, a guide will accompany you to rent the adequate gear so you can count on his advice and choose what is requiered for making the best out of your expedition. Inside the Mendoza hotel we have a gear rental service.

We have guides that speak fluent English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. In case you need it we can coordinate a videocall meeting so you can speak with the guide in your language.

For cultural or other reasons you may have the food we offer adapted to your needs.

We provide all types of food for each persons needs: vegeterian, vegan, celiac or simply adjusted to there typical homeland cousine. In any case you can visit the Mendoza Central market with our guides and choose your rice, sausings or others.

Payment is made through bank transfer/wire.

If you have to cancel , 100% of the advance deposit (Partial payment) will be re-imbursed if you cancel 30 days before the start of the expendition. If you notify cancellation between 29 and 15 days prior to the initiation of the expedition we will reimburse 50% of the advance deposit. If cancellation occurs less than 14 days prior to starting of the expedition no reimburse applies.

Have any other questions?

Contact us at info@aconcaguavision.com

Why us?

Personalized expedition

Personalized expedition We accompany you all the way, from a simple loss of luggage to solving the need for hospital assistance. We adapt to the needs of every passanger depending on their origin with special diets and speaking their language among others .

Free Services

You will have Wifi, showers and tent service in each camp. We also take care of descending with all the trash. We are an all inclusive service and we provide all that we promise. You will not have to pay extra.

Specialized guides

Our team counts with National and International certified mountain guides. Plus the expertise of Kari Kobler, one of Aconcagua Visions founders, with more than 35 years of mountain experience and that continues being one of the passenger guides.


We want each expedition to be safe and enjoyable for every alpinist and for this we count with the right equippment (oxygen, first aid kits, VHF radio) to insure that your experience is satisfactory. We are prepared to go by your side and respond at every moment and in case of any emergency.

We want you to acheive your goal

We count with one experienced and certified guide every 3 or 4 passengers. They know Aconcagua perfectly making more probable to reach the top. With and adequate acclimatization you will be able to make it.

Commitment to the environment

We respect and take care of nature and the resources of Aconcagua National Park. We have active policies, real and concrete, in order to cause the less impact to nature.

We will be with you in every detail, from a logistic issue to any emotional setback that might appear during the expedition. We will containe you and be with you to meet any need.

We are a family company and we receive our passengers as one of us. We are flexible and we adapt to different needs because are priority is your well being.

We also advice you during the months prior to the expedition regarding training and equipment. You can contact Griselda and in case necessary speak to Mauri or your assigned guide.

We count with our own logistic service for base camp, transport and mountain gear among others. This way we assure logistics without any problems.


Trekking Plaza Francia (3 days)
Trekking Plaza Francia and Plaza de Mulas (6 days)

  • Transfer to and from Penitentes.
  • All night lodging.
  • Meals and beverages for the expedition.
  • Mules for cargo transportation.
  • Instalations and services in base and intermediate camps.
  • Security materials, VHF communication, first aid kit and oxygen.
  • 24/7 assistance.

If you want to live the Aconcagua Vision experience write to us and we will soon reply.